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Volunteer Riding Member

Ambulance service is a demanding but rewarding experience. As a volunteer riding member with Chatham Rescue Squad, you will be responsible for assisting duty crews safely respond and care for patients in need.  Listed below are job requirements for Volunteer Riding Member status:

Applicants are required to:

  • Hold a valid driver's license

  • Maintain a valid BLS CPR Card 

  • Be able to lift and cary 125lbs

  • determines that vehicle is in proper mechanical condition by checking items required by service management. Maintains familiarity with specialized equipment used by the service

Chatham Rescue Squad will provide all applicants with CPR certification and Emergency Vehicle Operations required for membership.

Think you have what it takes? Fill out the application below to get started!

*All applicants for Career or Volunteer membership will be subject to background check*

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